RMTBC – Evidence-based massage therapy resources

Evidence Based Practice resources for massage therapists in beautiful BC


Welcome to MTABC research department practice resource blog. It is our goal to build a reference library of research articles and other related practice resources that assists the busy practitioner with their continued professional development and evidence based practice.

Each blog, by listing abstracts of recently published clinically relevant research articles, will support therapists in:
•    Staying up to date with recent research
•    Implementing evidence based practice by providing a single resource where up-to-date clinically relevant research can be easily found

We review a wide number of journals as they are published and select appropriate clinically relevant articles to highlight.

As there are an overwhelming number of such articles being published we will only attempt to highlight a selection of those that are considered to be most clinically relevant. Some articles will have been appraised but on the whole we are unable to complete this for every article.

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2 Responses

  1. davidmcquillan says:

    I’ve recently come across this blog thanks to saveyourself.ca.

    I’d like to state my appreciation for the very important service you are providing here.

    I notice that you don’t have a copyright policy stated anywhere. Might I suggest a creative commons CC-BY license?

    Kind regards,

    David McQuillan
    Programme Coordinator Massage therapy
    Otago Polytechnic
    New Zealand

  2. Thanks David.
    I apreciate the comment on having a copyright policy statement.
    I will look into it and hopefully put one in place soon.


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