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International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork – Vol 2, No 3 (2009)

International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, & Practice

The International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (IJTMB) is an open access, peer-reviewed publication intended to accommodate the diverse needs of the rapidly-expanding therapeutic massage and bodywork community. Principal sections of the journal span the areas of research, education, and clinical practice.

IJTMB is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals, CrossRef, and Healthindex.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Vol 2, No 3 (2009)

Table of Contents


International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (IJTMB): A First-Year Retrospective View Reflecting Google Analytics and Open Journal Systems Sources
Glenn M. Hymel, EdD, LMT 1-3
Fascia Research II: Second International Fascia Research Congress
Thomas W. Findley, MD, PhD 4-9


Understanding the process of fascial unwinding
Budiman Minasny, PhD 10-17


The Integrated Taxonomy of Health Care: classifying both complementary & biomedical practices using a uniform classification protocol
Antony Joseph Porcino, BSc, Colleen MacDougall 18-30


Letter to the Editor
Jo Smith, MEd (Hons), BHSc, BSc, RMT, Donna Smith, PGDip (TT), BTSM, RMT 31


Entries for News/Announcements Section for September 09 Issue
Glenn M. Hymel, EdD, LMT 32-34

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MTABC members and full text journals – CAM

MTABC members have access to over 1800 full text journals in OVID and EBSCO databases. This access is through our membership in the Electronic Health Library of BC (e-HLbc).

Please take a look at the sample below of journal available to you. MTABC members can access them through the MTABC member website under the research tab and then library. Look for this logo and click on it to find the journal you are interested in.

CAM Journals

Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society

Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Review

Alternative Therapies in Women’s Health

Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine

JAOA – The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association

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FREE Online Access to SAGE Journals

FREE Online Access to 39 SAGE Education Journals (1 February through 31 March, 2009)Get acquainted with SAGE’s many journals in Education and related disciplines

FREE Online Access to 8 SAGE Neurology and the Neurosciences Journals (1 February through 31 March, 2009)

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The 25 Most Downloaded Articles from Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies brings you the latest therapeutic techniques and current professional debate. Publishing highly illustrated articles on a wide range of subjects this journal is immediately relevant to everyday clinical practice in private, community and primary health care settings.

  1. Effects of Pilates exercise on trunk strength, endurance and flexibility in sedentary adult females
  2. Treating non-specific chronic low back pain through the Pilates Method
  3. Effects of a program for trunk strength and stability on pain, low back and pelvis kinematics, and body balance: A pilot study
  4. The influence of Pilates training on the ability to contract the Transversus Abdominis muscle in asymptomatic individuals
  5. Massage therapy helps to increase range of motion, decrease pain and assist in healing a client with low back pain and sciatica symptoms
  6. The effectiveness of Pilates training in healthy adults: An appraisal of the research literature • Short survey
  7. The role of exercise in the conservative treatment of the anterior shoulder dislocation
  8. A model of movement dysfunction provides a classification system guiding diagnosis and therapeutic care in spinal pain and related musculoskeletal syndromes: A paradigm shift-Part 2
  9. The plantar fascia as a source of pain-biomechanics, presentation and treatment
  10. Chronic pelvic pain: Pelvic floor problems, sacro-iliac dysfunction and the trigger point connection
  11. Patellofemoral syndrome
  12. The effects of Pilates-based exercise on dynamic balance in healthy adults
  13. Dynamic warm-up • Short communication
  14. The relationship of the sacroiliac joint, stabilization musculature, and lumbo-pelvic instability • Short communication
  15. Investigation into the long-term effects of static and PNF stretching exercises on range of motion and jump performance
  16. Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome: a review of the non-surgical approaches with emphasis in neural mobilization
  17. It may be time to modify the Cyriax treatment of lateral epicondylitis
  18. A model of movement dysfunction provides a classification system guiding diagnosis and therapeutic care in spinal pain and related musculoskeletal syndromes: A paradigm shift-Part 1
  19. Pilates and the”powerhouse”-I
  20. Yoga techniques as a means of core stability training
  21. Sensorimotor training: A”global”approach for balance training
  22. Suggested variations on standard carpal tunnel syndrome assessment tests
  23. Manual treatment of post-whiplash injury
  24. Effect of Pilates and taiji quan training on self-efficacy, sleep quality, mood, and physical performance of college students
  25. Massage therapy reduces pain in pregnant women, alleviates prenatal depression in both parents and improves their relationships

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