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Giving the best to our patients
Evidence based practice

By Bodhi G Haraldsson RMT

Research shows that patients’ outcomes are at least 28% better when clinical care is based on evidence rather than tradition or common sense (Heater, 1988). As we all want what is best for our patients, it is important that we incorporate research evidence into our practices.

Evidence based practice – what is it?
Evidence-based practice (EBP) can be an important change in the way we massage therapists practice and teach. Evidence-based practice, which is often referred to as evidence-based massage therapy or evidence-based medicine (EBM), is defined as “the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.” (Sackett, 2000)

The three cornerstones of evidence-based practice are:
1. Best available research evidence (as determined by critical appraisal)
2. Clinical experience, clinical reasoning
3. Practical, patient-centred application

Hicks (1997) states that evidence-based care “takes place when decisions that affect the care of patients are taken with due weight accorded to all valid, relevant information.”

EBP – what it is not
“Many of the arguments raised against EBP within the health care community are based on a caricature radically at odds with established, accepted and published principles of EBP practice. Contrary to what has sometimes been argued, EBP is not cookbook medicine that ignores individual needs. Neither does EBP mandate that only proven therapies should be used,” says Vickers in his 2001 article “Message to complementary and alternative medicine: evidence is a better friend that power.”

To continue reading this article click on this linkĀ  giving-our-patients-the-best-with-ebm


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